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"We are counted amongst the leading Manufacturers of Gujarat for Industrial Gases, Medical Gases, Special Gases, Mixture Gases, Liquid Gases & dealing in Empty Cylinders. Our range of Industrial Gases & Medical Gases used in Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Engineers & Welding industries. We also providing the entire rang of industrial and medical gases like Oxygen/ Nitrogen/ Co2/ D.A, Helium etc."

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Industrial Gases / Medical Gases

"We would like to introduce over selves as the company Hilltone Software & Gases Limited "A" Public limited company since 1993.. We are one of the basic manufactures at best quality Medical and Industrial Oxygen. We have set our plant at Santej using the latest technology and excellent process to obtain the best quality Medical Oxygen and complete in house analytical set to control our process at all stages. We also providing the entire rang of industrial gases and medical gases like Nitrous Oxide - Bulk 'A' Type, Oxygen/ Nitrogen/ Co2/ D.A, Helium etc. We supplying Medical Gases to many reputed Hospitals and medical institutions like S.A.L hospital and medical institute, Krishna Heart Institute and many more (List of major customers enclosed herewith) in Trolleys of 40 cylinders on regular basis.


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 QualityApproved by Government, Approved laboratory and passes/complies all tests of Medical grade.
 QuantityOur products have 145-150 presses which mean full quality. We get it measured every time when our product is accepted by your stores department. Even our pressure gauges calibration is Govt. approved. We also measure the quantity of gas in empty cylinders, trolleys etc. in presence of your staff members and take it back only if it is empty to the full extent. We take care by this measure that even by mistake your institute does not return unused or underused cylinders. Our quantity has always proved to be adequate and much more then your competitors. You shell observe on regular use of your products that your consumption has reduced this is because of adequate and hones quantity supplied by us.
 ServiceImmediate Services, we provide service in few minutes only, which is the main reason for our esteemed customers to select us as their suppliers.
 RatesWe are providing the bare minimum rates that are much lower, compared to our competitors. It shall result into big amount looking to your consumption. We have quoted you such low prices considering such bulk quantities. Moreover we are not charging any hidden charges.
 RantWe are not charging any holding charges / Rent of cylinders from our customers. We believe that cylinders are packing material of our product and without them it is not possible for us to deliver our products to your esteemed organization, we feel it is wrong to charge rent for packing materials.

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